We are building the platforms which enable  
youth ‘to do’ and ‘to learn’.

iB Hubs (a platform to execute ideas)

iB Hubs Logo  iB Hubs - A Platform ‘To Do’

iB Hubs is committed to developing the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among youth.

At iB Hubs, we provide end to end assistance to startups, social enterprises and NGOs.

We envision to establish 500 iB Hubs across India by December 2019. Each hub would have four spokes around it which make a total of 2500 centres across India. Our grand network of hubs reaches the grassroots of India and makes this ecosystem accessible to everyone, including the people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

In India, we officially announced iB Hubs on 13th November 2016 in the presence of Shri. Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog, the policy ‘Think Tank’ of India. We have already set up twenty-five hubs across seven states of India with nodal centres in five major cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Hyderabad.

In this process, we are bringing together and working with key stakeholders such as mentors, investors, governments, academia, corporates, research organizations, think tanks etc. to assist entrepreneurs.

Through iB Hubs, we take the research and innovations happening across the globe to all corners of India.

We have a foothold in 40 countries across the globe covering major business regions like USA, UK, China, Singapore, Australia, and Dubai. Through this, we bridge the gap between various business regions to enable startups to access global markets with ease; Indian startups can access the overseas markets and vice versa.

Kossip (a platform to learn)

Kossip - A Platform ‘To Learn’

Kossip is an adaptive learning platform that makes world class education available and affordable to everyone, including the person living in the last mile of a country.

Our unique EdTech solution, Kossip, addresses all the major challenges such as limited availability of quality trainers, infrastructure and the internet.

We are designing and developing highly affordable courses on advanced technologies like Cyber Security, IoT, Data Analytics, AR & VR and building highly skilled professionals in these domains.

​With this solution, even the people in remote areas can access world class content in courses ranging from primary maths to cyber security integrated with adaptive learning, micro-level assessment, and virtual labs.

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